Revis trade

Bucs at 13 can’t get a starter at cb. To trade up to secure a Millner(still not a sure thing) would also have to include a 3rd and a 5th or sixth based on “The Chart”. Folks in Tampa Bay need to refrain from looking into the blinding light that is the destruction of your draft day festivities. Beer will still be there my friends. Draft or no draft. Revis no guarantee either. But if you plan to address cb via draft, unfortunately this is the cost. Try to think of it this way. Talib gave us back a fourth. Had to be replaced. Talib was a 1st rounder. Fourth is pretty equal in value to a 3rd and a 6th. Just have to essentially grasp we whiffed on a first rounder in Talib. Bucs fans, we know you are capable of swallowing that flavored sandwich.